Stimulus Question 23.

How do you ensure a successful transition for children with disability or additional needs at your service or school? Are there any extra steps you take? What recommendations would you provide to educators and teachers that are involved in the process for the very first time?


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2 responses on “Stimulus Question 23.”

  1. Epierce says:

    There are specific sections for EC educators and staff in schools in the ECIA Transition to School Resource which share relevant info on roles and planning documents:

  2. Rosa C says:

    We initially have a meeting with the family to access information related to the needs of the child and then we talk about the way in which we implement inclusive practices and how we can support the child and the family. We also request the input of any other professionals that may be involved in the education and early intervention program for the child. We also invite the family and the child to have additional orientation visits to the LDC or preschool for the child and the family to become familiar with the routine, program and educators. When the child is transitioning to school, we support the family to start the process of making the school aware that the child is coming and then we usually have visits from the school principal and kindergarten teacher to observe the child in our setting. The recommendations I have for new teachers and educators is to start the transition to school early and this transition will be done into an ECE setting, then allow enough time for the child to visit the centre as many times as possible to become familiar with the educators and routine.