Stimulus Question 20.

Are there any tools and/or resources that you currently use that provide support for families and children undertaking, or about to undertake the transition to school journey?


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4 responses on “Stimulus Question 20.”

  1. Epierce says:

    ECIA’s free online Transition to School Resource has lots of useful info for families of children with developmental delay or disability

  2. Meni T says:

    Ethnic Community Services Co-operative has a unique, human resource tool – the Bicultural Support Program! that it encourages Early Childhood Services to access in order to support their CALD children and families going through the transition to school journey (eg Educators working with families through Bicultural Support Workers to complete the TTS statement, CALD families being informed about and guided through the process in their language, families physically supported to enrol at their local school, Schools accessing Bicultural Support to help children and families settle in Kindergarten Term 1).
    Bilingual staff work! Especially in relation to TTS. They help build relationships, form connections and provide information in languages that your families understand.

  3. Rosa C says:

    Working with children with additional needs, we work closely with the families and the school to organise transition to school. When possible we invite other professionals to participate in the meetings or to come to visit the centre or preschool to observe the child and to give the team and the school strategies that can facilitate inclusion and transition to school. We aim at starting transition to school as early as we can, by encouraging families to contact the school and by supporting them in the journey.

  4. Amyscarlett says:

    We use the NSW transition to school statement which we are currently handing out to families to utilise in upcoming kindy orientation days