Stimulus Question 19.

What supports does your service provide to parents undertaking, or about to undertake the transition to school journey?


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2 responses on “Stimulus Question 19.”

  1. Epierce says:

    ECIA NSW/ACT’s online Transition to School Resource contains lots of self paced information for families of children with developmental delay or disability.

    Also the videos which follow one family’s transition to school can be helpful :

  2. Meni T says:

    Ethnic Community Services Co-operative through it’s Bicultural Support Program enables Early Childhood Services to access trained, bilingual child care workers to support Services, CALD children and families going through the transition to school journey.
    From experience we have found that the message filters through best when communication, information and support is in the child and family’s home language where required. We have had countless good news stories where CALD families have been supported through the TTS journey (eg Educators working with families through Bicultural Workers to complete the TTS statement, CALD families being physically supported to access information and enrol at their local school, Schools accessing Bicultural Support to help children and families settle in Kindergarten Term 1).
    We are currently piloting this model through a small grant received by Burwood Council to enable a smooth transition to school process for a handful of CALD children and families in the Burwood LGA. Expressions of interest from Burwood Early Childhood Services welcome! Contact Meni on 9569 1288.