Stimulus Question 18.

What are ways we can support children’s mental health and physical wellbeing in early childhood?



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2 responses on “Stimulus Question 18.”

  1. Rosa C says:

    We closely work with the team and all the educators to establish safe and secure environments for all children attending the centres and preschools. The educators have access to training such as the Circle of Security, Marte Meo, Guiding Children’s Behaviour training and also other types of training. The educators have opportunities to share knowledge and experience with other educators. We also work closely with the families when we have concerns regarding a child’s mental health and physical wellbeing. We work closely with health professionals that support the children and their families so there is consistency for that child.

  2. Meni T says:

    Investing in inclusive practices and promoting diversity in early childhood, is paramount to supporting children’s mental health and their well being. It helps all children to participate fully and supports them to feel included and better connected. This leads to happier, more confident children, that feel accepted and safe in their early childhood environment. It also helps create a familiar bridge between home and child care.
    Early childhood settings should be places of children’s being, belonging, and becoming. In order for this to happen, a child first needs to be successfully included.
    It is important to always keep in mind strategies, resources & programs that help remove the barriers to inclusion of children with additional needs, including children from CALD, refugee & humanitarian, Aboriginal backgrounds and children with disabilities. Al this helps contribute to their mental health and emotional well being.