What would you like to chat about with transition to school issues?


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7 responses on “What would you like to chat about with transition to school issues?”

  1. Danielle says:

    I am also having problems filling out the Transition to school statement online, when I click the fill out the statement online option it directs me straight back to this forum.

    1. Mariac says:

      Dear Danielle,

      The Transition to School Statement here is the current version of the Statement:

      It has been designed as a PDF form so that relevant parties can type into it, save and reopen it later, and forward to other parties.

      The Statement is not yet available via an online portal and completed Statements will need to be forwarded to primary schools.

      I hope this addresses your question, Danielle. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

      Kind regards,

  2. KA ODonnell says:

    How do I fill out the Transition to School Statement….it won’t let me type into it.

    1. Mariac says:

      Hi KA ODonnell,

      The Transition to School Statement pdf has been designed so that users can type into it, save and reopen it later, and forward to other parties.

      To complete the form on a computer:

      Please ensure you have a copy saved on your computer rather than typing into the form online. To do this, right click on the open document in your web browser and select ‘save as’.

      If you are having trouble saving it, there may be other issues. For instance, you may need to update your version of Adobe.

      If you are still having any problems with using the Statement, please let us know.

      Kind regards


  3. Penny Costa says:

    I just had a look at the transition to school application that is completed before a child starts school.
    There is NO question which asks What language does the child speak at home? Why do we continue to negate this prior learning which is SO important. Why do we not build on this knowledge?
    Why do we not encourage bi/multilingualism in early childhood education?
    Most children from CALD backgrounds start school with a wealth of knowledge about their language and culture which unfortunately gets lost when they are not valued by the school system.
    If we truly believe in a Multicultural society where our children will grow up to respect diversity then we need to build this kind of society .We are so behind compared to schools around the world.

    1. Mariac says:

      Thank you for you for getting involved and commenting, Penny. We agree that encouraging more discussion and recognition of bi/multilingualism and cultural knowledge is important. It’s feedback like this that helps us to address the needs of all kids transitioning to school.

      All government primary schools and most early childhood services ask about other languages the child speaks at home in their enrolment forms to ensure there is full knowledge of this in the learning environment. The Transition to School Statement provides extra information rather than being a repetition of standard content on the enrolment forms. Currently, the Transition to School Statement asks parents what is their own preferred language.

      We appreciate your feedback and the need for all useful information about a child to be passed on from their early childhood service to school. We will consider this feedback for the next version of the Transition to School Statement.

      Kind regards,

  4. Melissa says:

    Having been a kindergarten teacher now for 7 years in a low socioeconomic school with 97% EALD, I have seen many children starting school at age 4, not developmentally ready to cope with the demands of kindergarten, Reporting to families that their children are not ready for school, most of the time, results in parents refusing to send them to preschool due to the costs. Many parents in the school year send their children to kindergarten in the public system and after one year, withdraw them from the school and then send their children to repeat kindergarten in the Islamic school. What are your thoughts on this?