What barriers do you face using the Transition to School statement?


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4 responses on “What barriers do you face using the Transition to School statement?”

  1. KA ODonnell says:

    inputting data into the form. if I save it it won’t let me…If I try online. I remember last year I used either this one or the ACECQA one….bring it back. I don’t really want to spend all day writing when I can type faster. HELP!

    1. Mariac says:

      Hi KA ODonnell,

      The Transition to School Statement pdf has been designed so that users can type into it, save and reopen it later, and forward to other parties.

      To complete the form on a computer:

      Please ensure you have a copy saved on your computer rather than typing into the form online. To do this, right click on the open document in your web browser and select ‘save as’.

      If you are having trouble saving it, there may be other issues. For instance, you may need to update your version of Adobe.

      If you are still having any problems with using the Statement, please let us know.

      Kind regards


  2. Amanda says:

    Time, parents not returning them after they are handed them to complete and not passing them onto the school, which then results in the time wasted.

    1. KA ODonnell says:

      It’s been like this since the idea was first implemented. If the schools don’t read them then they don’t really fulfil the role they are meant for. I do them so that the parents have them and then if they want they can pass them on to the schools. Reality is the teachers aren’t given time to read them all. Also the schools have fed back to me that they get to know the children pretty well in the lead up visits. Hmmm yeah! That’s why, in the first weeks, they ring me.