NSW Transition to School Statement is a practical tool designed to enable information sharing between families, early childhood services and schools.

The Statement makes it easier for a child’s prior to school learning and development to be communicated to their new school.

In the Statement, early childhood educators summarise the child’s strengths, interests and learning in line with the Early Years Learning Framework.

Completed statements help school teachers get to know children before they enter Kindergarten, then make connections with them and respond to their individual learning needs at school.

The 2014 rollout of the Transition to School Statement was extremely successful.

The 2015 an evaluation by the Department of Education’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) recommended that the Statement be refined and taken online.

The refined Transition to School Statement is now available.

This simplified and streamlined Statement implements the recommendations made by CESE as well as feedback received from the sector to make it more accessible and user friendly.

The Department is encouraging professional collaborations between early childhood educators and primary school teachers to support continuity of learning.

In 2017 the Transition to School Statement will be taken online.

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